What I Offer

This is NOT a diagnosis or treatment site.

This site is dedicated to your physician selection and quality medical care.

This site will provide you a direct critique to assist you in selecting a doctor.

Websites available today may give you information about a doctor’s training certification and malpractice history.  These websites include a sketch of training history and the doctor’s anecdotal patient experiences. Here are a few things to consider when looking at this information:

  • Board certification defines excellence about as well as a driver’s license defines an excellent driver. 
  • The anecdotal experience of one patient out of 10,000 the doctor may have treated is overtly meaningless. 
  • The malpractice history, unless massively appalling, often has more to do with patient rapport than quality of treatment.

 Frankly none of the above will help you to determine the quality of the physician treating you.  The sites I have visited never venture into the question of the quality of training the doctor received. Here’s what I can offer to you:

  • I will drill down on the education and training of the physician and give you a direct evaluation.  For example, I will tell you when a medical school is “very average” or when a Residency is “less than average”. 
  • I have outlined the tools for evaluating a doctor's training. I will provide a sophisticated interpretaion of this complex data.
  • I will formulate the questions you need to ask your Doctor: about his/her record of results, referral patterns, cases diagnosed and treated, etc..
  • I will formulate questions regarding the potential outcome of your diagnosis and treatment process.


The fee for my service varies with the complexity or detail of the information you request.

I need you to communicate with me and tell me what you need to know.

Then I will respond to you regarding required time and fees, which if agreed upon by you will be followed by an invoice through PayPalTM.

Fees start at $25 and increase as the complexity of your request increases. The process will begin when you submit a request for me.  I will respond with a plan as to how I will address your request and an invoice from PayPalTM. Once the invoice is paid, I will respond with a thorough answer to your questions.

All payments will be processed through PayPalTM.  

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