A Good Doctor

I can help you find a good doctor and avoid a catastrophe in the medical care you receive.

A “good” doctor is not necessarily the closest doctor. A “good” doctor cannot be found through a recommendation from a neighbor, or the cashier at your grocery store, or even your dentist. That approach is a formula for disaster.

Doctors vary widely, as do all areas of human endeavor, in intelligence, talent, achievement and dedication. Because of the duration and complicated nature of a doctor’s training and subsequent certification and licensing process, a patient may be unable to evaluate a doctor’s qualifications.

Unfortunately you cannot rely on your emotional reaction to a doctor. A great smile, a “nice guy”, or a good conversationalist are not your guides to excellence.

Additionally, a Degree, Board Certification, or belonging to the staff of a respected hospital or university will not by themselves help you to successfully navigate through the sea of possible physicians.

I can give you the effective tools to find the correct doctor for you.

Here’s where I come in:

In my years, I’ve witnessed medical situations with disastrous outcomes for people I’ve known and cared for. I’ve chosen to share these stories with you as a learning tool. We don’t need to repeat mistakes.   


*Real names have not been used and all facts and dates have been changed to avoid identification.*