How to Choose Your Doctor

MY MISSION is to provide you, the patient and your loved ones, with the tools to avoid a catastrophic result from poor medical care.

I am a retired Physician – a well-known, accomplished Heart Surgeon. During my 50 years of exposure to Medical Care in the United States I have witnessed care in all fields of Medicine. I have seen the best and the worst. I have seen the best and the worst in University Medical Centers, Private Medical Centers, Government Medical Centers and the Private practice of Medicine.  Unfortunately, none of these settings is exempt from delivering the worst Medical Care.

My main observation during these 50 years is that the patient lacks information or is hopelessly misinformed about the Medical Care available. And when a patient receives a poor result with medical care the common denominator is misinformation. 

Since my retirement, I have searched for a useful endeavor which would put the knowledge I have gained over the years to good use. I still enjoy helping people. I don’t like to see unnecessary suffering. I’ve seen enough. I can put my 50 years of experience to use by trying to steer people to the best medical care when they are sick. I can help you.

 As I grow older, I too have had to seek medical care. I understand the difficulties in finding a physician in a community new to you. I have seen the standard; “Here are three names, anyone of them can help you”. That is not a recommendation that necessarily directs you to excellent care. You could have found that information in a phone book. What you need is the information to help you select the most qualified physician for your specific needs. This is where I come in.

I would like to share with you the ideas and tools you can use to get the best medical care. I can give you good information about which doctors are best qualified to treat you. I want to rescue you from poor medical care.

There are safeguards, warning signs, and red flags that you, as a patient, can use to avoid catastrophic care.

Monthly Articles

The Threat of Concierge Medicine

02/15/2013 11:15
 BEWARE OF THE DESTRUCTION OF MEDICARE  AND THE RISE OF “CONCIERGE” MEDICINE A two-pronged attack on Medicare is already in progress and must be stopped! The first attack already crippling Medicare is decreased physician compensation.  Allowing  the government to continue to...

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: The Best Answer to Coronary Artery Disease

11/29/2012 16:00
MY PERSONAL PERSPECITVE: As a cardiac surgeon I have a clear bias in favor of the coronary bypass operation.  It is a wonderful operation – it is low risk and it saves lives. It is simple in concept, yet allows the technical gifts of the expert surgeons who practice this craft to...

The Problem With Angioplasty

10/23/2012 15:08
ATTENTION: PATIENTS WITH CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE The Problem with Angioplasty Coronary artery disease is the number one lethal disease in the United States.  It kills more men and women in this country than all forms of cancer combined.  The most common intervention for coronary...

What Stands Between You and Your Doctor?

09/28/2012 14:33
THE PATIENT-DOCTOR RELATIONSHIP IS UNDER ATTACK! The sanctity of the relationship between doctors and patients is often the first thing we talk about when discussing medical care. The widely held belief is that the content of your care should be between you and your doctor; reality is,...

Medical Care - A Historical Fact Worth Pondering

08/28/2012 09:00
Today, thoughts about Medicare and Medicaid fill the TV and radio airwaves. Medicare and Medicaid are at the center of political thought and debate, and their costs are clearly out of control. These programs are the fastest growing items on the cost list of the United States government. Stopping...